2 Resolutions for 2014

2013 is OH-VAH! Hurrah for 2014 and a fresh start. 


The main accomplishment was figuring out my niche. Photographing a ton of small business owners last year I discovered a love for creative entrepreneurs - designers, food purveyors, craftsmen, artisans - and for visually telling their stories and along with creating a great portrait. 

Excellent. But how am I moving it forward in 2014?

Resolution #1. Systems Not Goals

Whoa now…having specific goals are important and I have them via my 5-year plan. But instead of eyeing a lofty, specific goal (e.x., get three new clients by March), it's about creating and following systems which will help me attain those goals. Focus on process not end result. Here's the blog post that inspired me - Forget Setting Goals. Focus on This Instead | James Clear | Entrepreneur

What does that mean in concrete terms? Becoming more consistent with shooting personal projects and creating and adhering to a marketing calendar. 

Resolution #2. Reduce my need for control.

This goes for both when shooting and in my personal life. The lighting doesn't have to be perfect. The subject doesn't have to stand the right way. We can get looser. Try more set ups. Because I'll be less stressed, the subjects more relaxed and things can just flow. And I'm trying to apply this generally in my life a la Sedona Method-style. This post reminded me why I should - The Calm Approach | Leo Babauta | Zen Habits

What are you changing in 2014?