Sexism in the Photo Industry

It would seem that the biggest magazines with the most hiring power hire mostly male photographers. - Daniel Shea, On Sexism in Editorial Photography

  Perhaps I'm naive, but as a Filipino woman, who grew up in the South (Nashville), it's never crossed my mind that as a woman (and a person of color) I'd be at a disadvantage. Yep, that sounded naive. Even when I got a "Ni hao" from some hicks at the mall as a teenager, it didn't really affect me. I mean, how can you feel bad? Buddy, first get the nationality and thus language right. Idiots. Obvs, I was going to do better in life than them. But I digress...

After reading Daniel Shea's blog post, On Sexism in Editorial Photography, I began reflecting on my time in the editorial and commercial photo industry.

Years ago I was told to demo the digital capture stations to photographers because, if Jocelyn (a woman) could do it, anyone (a guy) could. This was when you had the 6.3 MP Kodak DCS 760 and Leaf backs. In 5 years of digi-teching and assisting, very rarely did I work with other female assistants on set (not so for teching though - particularly since it was just me); only twice did I work on all-women photo crew. Working for DS, it was just me and the boys. Now that I'm shooting, I haven't hired a female photo assistant either. 

While men dominate the field, there are definitely women out there doing their thing. Some of the ones I'm loving right now are (totally non-exhaustive list): 

Cass Bird

Gillian Laub 

Lina Scheynius 

Lynsey Addario 

Manjari Sharma 

Peggy Sirota 

You go girl!