Midtown Atlanta Residence for Rina Norwood Design

Every once in a while, it's good to get out of your comfort zone. For me that "safety" area is environmental portraiture. Even more specifically, artisans, designers, food purveyors. Recently I was commissioned by Rina Norwood Design, a Charlotte, NC and Nashville, TN based interior design group for a residence in Atlanta, GA.

Midtown Atlanta residence by Rina Norwood Design

Check out the foyer at this Midtown Atlanta home! Recently purchased, Rina Norwood Design is setting its aesthetic tone. It's a 1920s house, but the interior is a mix of tradition and modern. 

Front porch of Midtown Atlanta residence decorated by Rina Norwood Design
Dining room and view into formal living room of a Midtown Atlanta residence decorated by Rina Norwood Design

The house is still being decorated so we were able to shoot a few areas. That just means I can shoot more another time! Amazing residence and neighborhood. Almost makes me want to move there...almost. 

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